Monday, July 26, 2010

Things I should post about at some point.

Just a few things I'd like to write about when I can find the time:

1) The situation that led to Big Guy (and, initially, his brother Little Guy) being placed with us

2) The way I feel totally abandoned by most of my friends and much of our family since Big Guy became part of our lives

3) The fascinating conversations we have with Big Guy about race, skin color, ethnicity and hair

4) Figuring out how to discipline a child with intense behavioral and emotional issues

5) How surprisingly wonderful some of the support staff are that we've been working with through the Agency, school, etc.

6) Some of the hilarious things Big Guy says over the course of a day.

7) My concerns about his mental health

8) What keeping Shabbos (the Jewish sabbath) looks like when you have a 9 year old non-Jewish foster child

9) Addressing Big Guy's negative feelings about gay people and Jews, and some of the amusing conversations that have ensued


  1. Wow, you have a lot going on. I look forward to hearing more when you find the time to write about it!!

  2. Me too! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey so far!

  3. So nice to check in and finally see an update!. I'd love to hear more about #8, and in general about how you handle holidays and other issues related to being a Jewish foster parent with a non-Jewish kid. I'm trying to figure out how I might work that myself in the future and there is so little information out there!

  4. Sarsmile: Do you have a blog? Do you want to connect via e-mail? I'd love to talk about this issue more with you and let you know what we've done.


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